Irma Meza

Irma Meza is a medical assistant and also the office manager. She joined the practice in 2009 and has become part of our family here within just a few years. She is a certified medical assistant. Irma is bilingual and speaks English and Spanish. Irma is the proud mother of two kids.

Alicia Vivar

Alicia Vivar is a certified medical assistant. Ms. Vivar has been working alongside Dr. Jabr since 2014 and is a dedicated team member. She is bilingual with fluency in English and Spanish. She is the proud mother of two.

Medical Students  

Dr. Jabr is proud to be affiliated with many medical schools and provides a family medicine clinical rotation. Dr. Jabr has been recently appointed as a Clinical Assistant Professor for The Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, Ross University School of Medicine and Global Colleges of America for Medical Placement.  Qualified clinical students become  part of the family medicine practice and assist Dr. Jabr in all aspects of the practice. We welcome you to our current rotating group of students.